Dr. Nicholas Trung Nguyen, MD

Ageless Medical clinic

Dr. Nicholas Trung Nguyen, MD, founder of Ageless Medical clinic – An Aesthetic and concierge medicine, is an Internal Medicine practitioner who received his undergraduate degree in Analytical Chemistry and Medical degree from East Carolina University – Brody School of Medicine. He then completed his Internal Medicine residency at Kansas University Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas.

Dr. Nguyen has been living and practicing Medicine in Longview and Marshall, TX since 2010. He enjoys being part of the community and feels privilege to be part of patients’ lives every day.

By limiting his practice to a set number of patients, Dr. Nguyen can practice medicine in a way that allows him to give each individual patient his undivided attention and time. It also allows him to practice in accord with his own personal philosophy of medicine which revolves around treating the whole person with a proactive, preventive approach. Rather than simply treating illness and disease with a pill, he works with his patients to discover their underlying causes of illness to achieve a steady state of wellness and health.